I am a “Vaper”…




I am a “Vaper”.  Not a “Vapor”; because if I were; I would be made up of: “a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid”; instead of being made up of flesh and blood and other human materials!

I, unfortunately, smoked cigs from age 16,  August 25, 1969 through age 62, August 19, 2015. I guess-timate that over those 46 years, I averaged 1.5/PPD [Pack per Day]; and nobody is more surprised than me that despite this horrific, deadly addiction; that I have outlived my Mother, who grew up as a very poor coal miner’s daughter in NE Pennsylvania and moved to Connecticut for employment in around 1949 at the age 18; began smoking cigs, then died from lung cancer in 1974 at the ripe young age of 43.  I was just short of turning 22 when she died; and despite this fact, I was already too mentally and physically addicted to cigs, to be able to quit back then.  She has been gone now for 43+ years; double than the almost 22 years that I knew her.

She smoked during her 2 pregnancies in 1952 & 1955 and I have this “hypothesis” that people who were introduced to addictive substances, while a fetus in utero; become addicted to the substance at that time; and they are the ones, like myself, whom once they are born, if and when they re-introduce the substance into their body’s; they are highly likely to becoming “Instant Addicts” and have the most difficult time to subsequently give up the substance.

(I am also an alcoholic in recovery, without a drop of booze since 23. Feb. 1991. Guess who’s mother also drank during her pregnancies? I am NOT attributing blame on my Mother; just looking at the correlations.)

I remember SO clearly the first time I smoked a cigarette, on a plane flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Sydney, NSW, Australia on 25 August, 1969; (Yes, we could smoke just about Anywhere back then!) and feeling this overwhelming awareness and sensation that Finally, I had Arrived “Home”.

Over the decades as increased awareness was distributed to the public about the health hazards of smoking, and noticing that fewer of my peers and colleagues continued to smoke, I tried EVERYTHING to quit: Gum, lozenges, patches, inhaling devices with doses of nicotine, switching to disgusting little cigars,  prayer, hypnosis, positive affirmations, Chanting “Self-Love” and “Self-Hate” little ditties, 12 Step program process, exercise, Chantix™, Zyban™, OTC [Over the Counter] herbs, vitamins, animals, vegetables, minerals concoctions, meditation, going through a few serious health scares and issues, promises to whomever was in my life that I “Would Quit”, crying myself to sleep, begging G*D to do for me what I could not do for myself, sitting on my hands for hours, bargaining with the “gods of prosperity” that if I won a Big Lottery; I swore I would quit and do good deeds helping others with most of my winnings, acupuncture, acupressure, eating enough celery, carrots and popcorn instead of lighting a cig to feed a herd of rabbits, aversion therapy by smoking with a paper bag over my head to choke on the exhaled smoke, sleeping with a dirty ashtray next to my pillow, saving $5/Day for every day that I didn’t smoke….

Did I leave anything out? Maybe. Believe me, I tried. My Best. Many times. Repeatedly.  But, my best was never good enough. I would usually relapse and rush out and buy smokes on the 3rd or 4th day of withdrawals. Once, I made it 6 whole months, due to several hospitalizations for a serious GI [Gastro-Intestinal] health issue with surgeries included. But the minute I said “I feel like having a smoke”, and bummed one from a co-worker, I was on the rocketship to 1-2/PPD the next day.

I finally succeeded by being “locked up” and cut-off from society for 11 days in the height of the hottest days of summer, which range from 100-115 degrees in August. I stocked up with food and other supplies, and had a friend take away my vehicle.

Leaving me without the means to impulsively get in the truck and drive to town, 5 miles away, and buy some. I knew that I would never walk that far in that heat, and had forewarned all of my friends not to bring me off my property or buy any cigs for me “No Matter What” I said.  Told my friend who took my truck that I would call when I had at least 3 days under my belt of no intense cravings for more than a minute or two.

It took 11 days. Nothing, No cigs, No Butts, Nada. Got my truck back and was not tempted to buy any cigs. Yet.

About the 3rd week into being cig-free; I really started to miss the “hand to mouth” part of the company and comfort of cigs. Really strongly. Didn’t know What people DO with their hands if they are awake and Not holding a smoke.

That’s when I recalled the phenomenon called “Vaping”; that I had at one point, maybe 5-6 years prior, had also tried in one of my various “Quit Smoking” failed attempts.  I looked it up online, and was surprised to see that over those past 5-6 years, that Vaping had taken the country by storm. Even people who had never smoked cigs or cigars were enjoying Vaping. Hookah Bars were the new nightlife in-spots for college kids to get together and hang-out. My, how the world had changed while I was busy working online for a major health insurer for the past 8 years!

So, I told myself that the next time I went to “The Big City” (There’s one 30 miles away and Two about 80 miles away); I would go to one of these “Vape Shops” and see what had evolved in the Vape industry while I had continued to smoke cigs (aka: “Analogs”; that’s what younger Vapers call cigs now!!). Anything to keep me from relapsing back into the 1-2/PPD habit/nicotine addiction again.

And that is what I did. Went to a Vape Shop, bought some cigarette looking $20 device, and a couple of “Juices”; Cappuccino and some other Coffee-type of flavor.

Since then, like any “Good Addict” whose life revolves around the substance of choice; [This is THE definition of an Addiction, in case you’re wondering] I have since joined the thousands (millions?) who Vape; and have spend many hours and too many dollars In search of Nirvana: The Perfect Vaping Device(s) and Juice(s) flavors!

The Vaping Industry grew about a Thousand-fold, maybe more, since when I first learned of it. It is definitely a Billion, if not a Zillion, Dollar worldwide Industry with as many types of Vaping Devices and Juices as there are brands of cigs in the world; and, it is also highly competitive to get customers’ dollars and loyalty.

I would say that I have purchased at Least a dozen different Vape Devices and 50 Vape juice flavors over the past couple-plus years. And spent a good thousand hours online researching about the equipment, manufacturers, retailers, flavor making, etc.

Overall, of the 50+ flavors I have tried, I keep going back to the same 2-4 over and over. I used Vape Juices with Nicotine added for a short while; but I fully enjoy juices that are “Nico-Free” Much more; the flavors are much more clean and smooth.  I enjoy holding my vape device in my hand, (Currently an eLeaf Pico 100W Dual 18650 Mod), I like the warm, solid feeling of the device, the taste of the Juices (Cake Batter and Gremlin Graham from The Vapory, in Las Cruces, NM are my ADVs…[All Day Vapes]), and the mists of Vapor (it is NOT “smoke” like from cigs) that Vapers call Clouds. The hand-to-mouth physical ritual comforts and relaxes me in it’s very unique way that it does.

Vaping can be just as expensive as a cigarette habit if you don’t do your research and shop around; especially if you are ordering products online, as I am now doing to spend less on this habit.  The first year or more, I did 90% of my Vaping purchases from local B&M [Brick & Mortar] Vape Shops. Yes, they will almost always cost more than products ordered online; but the information and education about the world of Vaping and solutions to common device problems; can not be beat by a Cyber-Seller. (I am forever grateful and indebted to Randa, Owner of Kloud 9 Vape Shop in Deming, NM, for all she gave to me:  the teaching, advice and sometimes extending me credit until my next SS check arrived. THAT does Not happen in Cyberspace!)

At this point, I have found one online Retailer, out of Hong Kong, whose prices and variety of products can’t be beat, IF you are willing to wait the usual and customary 2 weeks (sometimes 3) for  delivery of products from HK to wherever you are located. They are called: VaporL.

They ship out  orders via Air (and USPS for USA customers) within 48 hours; for orders placed Sun-Thursday. (Remember, Hong Kong is in the Eastern Hemisphere and they are usually at the end of the current date or into the next date if you live in the Western hemisphere; So, Thursday Continental USA 5pm is already at Least 9am Friday in Hong Kong).

And,  most of all, they take customers serious complaints Seriously.  I recently went through a shipping nightmare not caused by VaporL; for an order I placed on Nov. 26th. VaporL shipped my order from HK to USA by FedEx “SmartPost” 2 days later. FedEx SP had it in their possession as of Nov. 28th and in USA FedEx carriers from Dec. 8th – Jan. 15th;  48 Days of looping around and around in the FedEx system before they finally turned it over to the USPS, and delivered to me 2 days later (Finally!).

I told VaporL that due to the very poor delivery service of FedEx, that I would no longer be able to order from them again or refer my Vaping Buddies (Oh, yes, I have recruited several friends, old diehard analog smokers like I was, to Vaping now!) to them as long as FedEx SmartPost was the only shipping option.

Well, Guess What? VaporL “$#¡+Canned” FedEx SP (I guess I wasn’t the Only complaint about FedEx; but I bet I was the Loudest!) and will now use USPS for shipping. Now, THAT’S Being Responsive to your Customers.

So, if you are not in a hurry to get some new Vape Equipment, they carry quite a few brands and makes of Coils, Mods, Tanks, Accessories, etc; AND want to check out their great discounts, sales, specials, contests; Just Click the link above or below and create an account with your eMail.

WOOF, WOOF! Remember, Chinese New Year’s celebrations start Friday, February 09, 2018 through Friday, February 16th for the start of The Year of the Dog. So if you are ordering anything from greater Asia;you will want to get your orders in by 5pm Tuesday, February 6th (which is the next morning, Wednesday, Feb. 7, in HK and other countries near HK) at the Very latest; or there is a good chance that your order won’t be processed and shipped out before Monday, February 19th. 



{Note: I am Not a VaporL Affiliate and get no benefits for recommending this business. I do so because I know how difficult it is to find a reliable retailer online; especially when ordering from overseas. I just hope that my experience can help yours to be easier.}







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